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Cookie Guide from Bründl

Sport Bründl Gesellschaft m.b.H. uses cookies in order to make their websites more user-friendly and provide you with customized, more relevant content. None of the cookies used on this website collect information with which you can be personally identified. This section aims to explain as clearly as possible what cookies are, for what purposes they are used on the websites of Sport Bründl Gesellschaft m.b.H., what options you have for administrating them and - should you wish to do so - how you can go about deleting these cookies. Cookies are required for use of the website www.bruendl.at.


What is a Cookie?

Practically every website uses cookie technology. A cookie is a small file used to store Internet settings. It is downloaded by your browser the first time you visit a website. The next time you open the website using the same terminal, your browser can check whether a cookie is available for this particular website (in other words, one which contains the name of this website), in which case the information stored in the cookie will be transmitted back to the website. In this way, the website will know whether you have already accessed this website with this particular browser, and in many cases may change its content accordingly. 


The benefits of cookies

Some cookies are exceptionally useful, since they can improve the user experience the next time you visit a site you have already visited a number of times before. As long as you use the same Internet terminal and the same browser as before, the cookies will remember, for example, your preferences, how you use our pages, and make the displayed content more relevant to your personal interests and needs. No cookies used on our website collect information that can be personally identified with you. 


Administering and deleting cookies

If you wish to change how a browser uses cookies, perhaps wanting to block cookies from the websites of Sport Bründl Gesellschaft m.b.H. (or by any other website), you can make the relevant changes in your browser settings. 

When administrating cookies, most browsers allow you to either accept or block all cookies, or to only accept certain kinds of cookies. You can also stipulate that you be asked for permission every time a browser wishes to save a cookie. It is also very easy to delete cookies which your browser has already stored on your computer. 

The precise steps required to administrate and delete cookies will vary from browser to browser. In order to find out how you do that within a specific browser, you can make use of its integrated help function or alternatively visit  http://www.aboutcookies.org, where you will find a step-by-step description of how cookies can be administrated or deleted in the most popular browsers.


Cookie Overview

The following table shows you the most important cookies that are used on www.bruendl.at. It explains what purpose each of the cookies serves. 


First-Party Cookies Purpose Category
ratingRand Cookie to save ratings - for example, on shopping pages Functional
Third-Party Cookies Purpose Category
Google Analytics

Cookies required for use of Google Analytics. 
further details 

Analytics & Targeting
Google AdWords

Cookies required for tracking of Google AdWords-campaigns.
further details

Conversion Tracking & Retargeting
Google Maps Cookies required for use of the mapping service Google Maps. Map Display & Navigation