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Fitness Day is all about you and what it will take to keep you “running” like a well-oiled machine! Fitness stations will be set up in different areas of Flagshipstore Kaprun and professionally operated by employees from INJOY and BRÜNDL SPORTS.


  • Body composition analysis
    In less than two minutes, we will use special scales to determine fat and muscle distribution in different parts of the body (torso, legs, arms), intra- and extracellular fluid (edema), organ fat as well as proteins and minerals. Because professional therapy and training begins with precise body analysis.
  • Running analysis with tips on correct training
    Your legs and feet are quite unique, which means you absolutely have to take into account length, width and various anatomical characteristics when choosing the right running shoe. A running analysis is essential for us to recommend a specific category of running shoe. In addition to that, an analysis allows us to pinpoint any problems in your running motion and give you tips on how to train correctly.
  • Tips on how to use fascia roles properly
    Elastic fascia play an important role in well-being and fitness – brittle, stiff or damaged fascia may cause muscle tension as well as adhesions, resulting in pain. Regular fascia training improves mobility and posture as a whole.
  • Hourly presentations about nutrition in endurance sports
    Nutrition is an important pillar in sports! Our body needs good building blocks to guarantee long-term strength and endurance. “I am what I eat” – a phrase that gains even greater significance for endurance athletes.
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