What distinguishes our region, in your opinion?

The Zell am See or Pinzgau region is clearly distinguished by the very striking and varied mountains. And, equally, by the many smaller lakes that can be found in the whole region, although the most distinctive excursion spots are Lake Zell, the Kitzsteinhorn and the Großglockner. Above all, the many events in the Pinzgau impress me time and again: from the Seefest, or Lake Zell Festival, to Snow Night, the Summer Night Festivals and WOW Glacier Love, there’s something for everyone.

Which leisure activities in particular do you enjoy here?

I love to snowboard down the slopes and through the deep snow in winter. In summer, I explore every possible trail and path by mountain bike or on foot, sometimes by hiking and sometimes by running.

How do you reconcile your exciting leisure activities with the demands of work?

Very well – I usually go out in the evenings or make full use of the weekend.

What’s yourabsolute favourite way to spendyour free time?

My favourite thing to do is definitely a trailrun up to the Schwalbenwand and then cooling off in Lake Zell.

What do you think you absolutely have to have done once or tried out in our region?

Skiing/snowboarding on the Kitzsteinhorn is simply a must, or crossing the Drei Brüder mountain range because this hike is just a really special adventure. Or exploring the Kaprun High-Mountain Reservoirs, since even the bus journey up there is amazing. You shouldn’t miss the Krimml Water falls either.

a hiker is standing in the spray of a waterfall

What is your favourite season and why?

Summer is definitely my favourite season, the days are longer, and the warm temperatures alone are reason enough for me to get up early at the weekend too. I just love the sight of nature in full bloom and looking forward to a hearty meal in rustic Alpine huts. The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking. The region is bustling in summer, you can hear music everywhere, the crickets are thriving and the refreshing cool water of the lakes is always inviting. And when autumn comes around, the trees are transformed into a glorious display of vibrant colour.

two men running at a competition

Can you tell our customers about one of your favourite trips, for beginners and expert hikers?

Of course ... For beginners, I’d recommend the hike to the three reservoirs on the Schmittenhöhe.The paths are very well marked, and you have a great view of all three reservoirs, including Lake Zell, from the highest point. Top tip: The route is also ideal for a trail running session, since the path has quite a bit to offer in the way of technique and elevation gain!

For advanced mountain climbers: from Mitterberghof in Thumersbach up the Schwalbenwand to the Maishofen summit cross, then on to the Saalfelden summit cross, then up to the Schönwieskopf and Ochsenkopf and, to finish with, the Hundstein awaits you at an elevation of 2,117metres; from here, it’s downhill toThumersbacher Graben. After this trip,you’ve managed an impressive five summit crosses in a row.

Do you prefer to do sport outdoors by yourself or with friends and family?

I like going out with my wife the best, but since our whole family is very sporty, I enjoy goingout with any of them. I also often go off on an expedition alone or challenge myself on a local circuit.

a hiker is standing on a mountain

But if you wanted to spend your holiday somewhere else, where would it be and what would you want to do there?

I’d go on holiday to the Maldives again, and I’d put on my snorkelling mask and go swimming with the reef sharks, turtles, eagle rays and the thousands of colourful fish.

a guy with a snowboard is standing in the snow and stares into the distance

What motivates you, what drives you?

If I don’t try it today, tomorrow I won’t know if I would have managed it. I heard that saying somewhere and have often said it and lived by it in my sporting and private life.

What would be your absolute nightmare in a competition?

If I started to run out of water and the next feed station was still kilometres away. For this reason, I generally always have more water with me than I need.

What has your coolest sports experience been?

I registered for the Pyhrn Priel Trophy (trail running) with my father-in-lawon the spur of the moment. I had no experience of mountain running and had only done a few training sessions before hand. Nevertheless, we defied the wind and weather, and reached the finish line together after 22km. Since then, we have participated regularly in competitions like the HochkönigmanTrail Running Festival and the GaisbergTrail.

Advice and tips

Once you’ve put on your sports clothes, you’ve already managed the hardest part. Leave your phone in your bag and enjoy your very own magic moment.