What do you find on the slopes?

Among the most bizarre finds are around ten golf balls, a shoe, a hood and a toothbrush. Who thought you'd need these things on a ski slope in winter? Over cigarette butts, Snus packets and mouth masks one stumbled literally over it, from garbage search is there no speech! One of the Schmitten employees reported that this year there was relatively little trash to be found, because fewer school classes went on ski vacation with packed lunches and plastic bottles. "That already makes an enormous difference, because the children now make a sport of throwing complete lunch packs out of the window. Instead, they then simply buy a portion of fries at the ski hut. Of course, that's a huge threat to wildlife, too!"

Man collecting garbage close up.

How can this be avoided?

If everyone put their trash in their jacket pocket and then threw it in a trash can, there wouldn't be so much pollution on the slopes and wildlife would benefit from a more sustainable habitat. A mindful approach to food and nature should be reappropriated so that we can still ski in 50 years. Every single cigarette or plastic packaging counts, because the sum makes it!

People collecting garbage on the slope