These were some basic questions, which were discussed at this year’s strategy workshop in Spielberg. We searched together for answers in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Our greatest backer was no one else than Felix Gottwald, the most successful Austrian Olympic athlete. But the workshop wasn’t just a dull conference – Wonderful hikes, relaxing mediations and exciting car races were just some aspects of an incredible trip.

a group of people is doing gymnastics on a field

A very important element of a good working atmosphere is the handling of conflicts. Claudia Jiménez, a well-known communication and conflict trainer, showed us how to overcome some critical contentious issues. Everyone was included and got the chance to stand up and speak out on familiar conflict points. This way we had the opportunity to find a solution, which is suitable for everybody.

a group picture in front of a big building with tower

Every participant drew a positive conclusion and we found out once more, how to achieve the best results – Not against each other, but together!