Gear changing and braking both need to function easily. Even then, we advise you to practice correct braking techniques before setting out on lengthier bicycle tours.

Whether or not a child’s bicycle needs a suspension fork is based on the types of paths and surfaces your child is likely to be riding on. If you are going to be doing any kind of trail riding in open terrain, a suspension fork is definitely recommended.

A child’s bicycle should always be equipped with a headlight, bell, front and rear reflectors, a rear light as well as spoke reflectors. And because we also want your child to have good traction on the pedals, we recommend wearing lightweight, not-too-soft trekking shoes with a good sole.

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Tip: To ensure your child is as safe as possible when riding, you should bring the bicycle in twice a year for a bike service.

Push bikes

Children learn to ride a bike quickly and easily, especially if they began with a push bike with which they were playfully able to develop their balancing skills. When you are buying a push bike, it is also important for your child to come to the shop with you to ensure you find the right size and the ideal model. You want your child to feel safe on the push bike and have it under good control, so don’t buy a bike that’s too big. Your child should easily be able to touch the ground with both feet for a safe, confident ride.

Depending on how well their motor skills are developed, their height and leg length as well as their interest level, a child can generally begin riding a push bike at around 1 ½ years of age.

The push bikes from Cube actually come with a second seatpost, allowing the frame to grow a little as the child gets taller.

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Bike helmets for children

When you are buying a bicycle helmet for your child, you should also bring your youngster with you. The helmet should fit the head comfortably and snugly. It is also important to put the helmet on correctly, guaranteeing maximum protection in the event of a fall. All our helmets are size adjustable, meaning they can be perfectly adjusted to the size of your child’s head. Our professionals in the shop will be glad to assist you.

Ensure that the prospective bike helmet is lightweight and well ventilated to prevent your child from sweating too much. There should also be plenty of space inside the helmet to wear a thin cap underneath whenever it gets cold.

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