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To be able to truly enjoy your cycling trip or cross-country excursion, you need a bike that meets your needs exactly. In our various bike categories, you'll find the perfect ride for any excursion .

  • With a classic trekking bike and our extensive optional extras, longer bike tours on streets and paved roads are no problem.
  • On cross-country trails, a dynamic mountain bike is guaranteed to give you full satisfaction.
  • On a Bründl Sports enduro bike, you'll stay firmly in the saddle even on rough terrain, during ascents and descents.
  • A downhill bike ensures that you can master steep rides down the mountainside like a champion in record time.

We also stock a wide range of products for children , from models with stabilisers to classic children's bikes and specialized bikes for teens.

Constant servicing

Like a car, a bike features many components that must be regularly checked and serviced.

Our rental bikes are checked and tested by our experts in the shops after each rental. This ensures that the parts that need to be regularly replaced due to wear and tear are checked and replaced straight away.

This check covers the:

  • Suspension and fork
  • Tyres (tyre pressure)
  • Brakes

These checks are essential, particularly on more complex bikes that are ridden at high speeds, such as downhill or enduro bikes, for example. This is the only way to prevent nasty surprises and to ensure a safe ride.

A staff member is checking the bike