How does Try & Buy work?

Just come to one of our shops that has a rental service, choose your favourite model and head up to the slopes. Most of our rental locations are situated right on the ski slope. This means that it is very easy to switch back and forth between multiple products when trying out the models.

But, thanks to our rental network, you are also welcome to drive to a different skiing area that has our shops, and then test, swap or buy the skis there.

Are you still unsure? Then sleep on it. If you decide to buy, you will be refunded the rental fee of up to two days.

The following shops offer Try & Buy

Bründl Sports has over 15,000 pairs of hire skis and more than 11,000 pairs of boots in 22 rental shops in Austria.
In many of our locations you have the opportunity to use Try & Buy in several shops at once.

Other rental highlights

Comfort and service are our first priorities in order to make your stay unforgettable. Discover our rental service highlights