We will find the perfect boots for you!

When you come in to the shop to pick up your rental equipment, we will first measure your foot. With a shoe gauge, we can determine the exact size of your foot. In addition, the anatomy of your foot will be considered and finally the right pair of ski boots for you selected from a large range. Now it's time to head out on the slopes and have fun.

But if your ski boots don't fit correctly, no worries – there are several solutions. The simplest and fastest way is for us to offer you another model for the duration of your rental , naturally such a change is free. If you are not 100% happy with that, specially adapted insoles (that must be paid for) can achieve, in 99% of cases, the perfect result.

Should your boots still pinch or you are unsatisfied, you can swap your ski boots at any time in one of the Bründl Sports rental locations.

Do you want to have your own ski boots adjusted?

If you have decided to buy your own ski boots or you have travelled with some you already own, we can make these fit your feet exactly with a professional ski boot fitting.

So despite the stiffness of the material, your ski boots should feel like a second skin on your feet as well as offering a secure grip and the necessary comfort that you need for an untroubled day on the slopes.

You can find out about exactly how our experts do it, what methods and shapes are available and how you can book an appointment for a ski boot fitting here.

To professional ski boot fitting
A skiboot is put on with the help of a shop assistant

Other rental highlights

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