Small, but oh my: the ultra- responsive cult bike to show off your skills & tricks
Herader Bike

With this bike, every trail becomes your personal playground

The BMX doesn’t just stand out from a classic bicycle or mountain bike. It’s also used completely differently: While you will always cut a fine figure on a hardtail or fully mountain bike in open terrain, the BMX is right where it belongs in the bike park.

With small wheels and metal pegs on both sides of each axle, on a BMX you can use virtually every object for some kind of trick. In this case, disc brakes or suspension on both axles simply aren’t needed for this kind of terrain. For kids and youths in particular, BMXs are perfect equipment for excursions with an added adventure factor. 

Please note: Dirt bikes are only available at Bründl Sports Shop Kohlmaisbahn in Saalbach.

Freestyle-Bike für den Park und die Straße
Für Kinder und Jugendliche geeignet
Bereifung von 20 Zoll oder kleiner
Charakteristische Pegs für Tricks im Bike-Park

Box of tricks on two wheels

The modern, reliable models manufactured by Verde don’t only feature the typical BMX pegs for tricks, but also an overall setup perfected to the tiniest detail.

In addition to the smaller wheels, the entire geometry of the bike is designed in such a way that any shifts in weight and changes in balance affect the entire riding experience dynamically. A BMX also brings you these great advantages in a bike park:  

  • Special forks and handlebars for spins
  • Harder suspension coupled with braking power
  • Lower frame size for greater flexibility

All of these characteristics set the BMX apart from standard bicycles and mountain bikes. Due to the height of a BMX, it is especially recommended for children and youths. At that point, nothing more stands in the way of a fun- and trick-filled expedition to the bike park or a bike parcourse.

Rider is jumping with his BMX over a kicker

Perfect for tricks and spins

With smaller wheels and the associated maneuverability, the BMX is really attractive since it can be used in so many different ways. On the road or in the bike park: with a BMX, every ride becomes an unforgettable experience.

Saalbach offers kids a special attraction: the Learn to Ride Park, opened in summer 2021. On spacious grounds and different courses, children are able to play and experiment on their bikes. They can also gather first experiences on easy trails that get them away from the basic asphalt. A BMX bike is the ideal choice for an excursion to the Learn to Ride Park.

If you want to develop a true sense of the benefits of a BMX, there’s simply no way to avoid a visit to the pump tracks in Saalbach. The undulating terrain with banked curves guarantees that added fun factor. The BMX is also an ideal choice for the Bike-Park there, where your BMX will really reveal its full potential. A different kind of bike is recommended if you:

  • want to tackle steep trails and downhill passages
  • are only planning to go off-road
  • are looking for the additional support provided by an electric motor.
Rider is doing tricks with his BMX on an obstacle in the bike park

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