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Power through motorisation

The powerful motor unlocks all routes that previously depended on your stamina, fitness and training level.

With an e-bike from Bründl Sports, you won't ever have to push your bike uphill again. The most powerful motors in the e-bike category ensure that you make good progress on any terrain. With varying levels of assistance, you can select the strength of the motor's traction yourself, depending on the terrain.

  • With speeds of up to 25 km/h, the engine makes your ride easier.
  • Thanks to the long-lasting battery, you can also take on longer trips with an e-bike.
  • A boost of 90 Nm ensures a constant speed on steeper sections, even in the mountains.

With various motors, the Bosch and Brose brand ensures quality that you can rely on.

Uphill with an ebike and another biker in the back

Differences: bike vs. e-bike

Ordinary bikes and e-bikes not only differ due to the motorised assistance, but also in other important points.

  • Weight: due to the integrated motor, an e-bike has an overall heavier weight than a normal bicycle. This increases its stability, but does have a negative impact on its agility & dynamics.
  • Speed: thanks to the additional engine, you can easily achieve higher speeds than you could with conventional pedalling and your own strength.
  • Brakes: however, the higher riding speeds also harbour the risk that the braking distance is longer. For this reason, we recommend getting gradually used to the e-bike and it's various speeds.
  • Target group: e-bikes are excellent for compensating for varying fitness levels on group ride-outs. Furthermore, they also give older people and children the chance to keep up with the group.

However, they do have one thing in common: besides trekking bikes for longer tours on cycle paths, there are also special mountain bike models for getting your kicks cross-country .

Two cicilists driving down a mountain with their e-bikes