E-Mountainbike Fully

On your way up the mountain, save strength for the ride down
Herader Bike

A successful mixture of comfort and adventure

Classic fully mountain bikes are characterized above all by their excellent stability at higher speeds on rough terrain. But at the same time, stronger frame construction equates to greater weight, meaning the uphill stage might leave you dripping buckets of sweat. 

Thanks to the E-bike variant of a fully mountain bike, this is now a thing of the past: Equipped with a high-performance motor by renowned manufacturers Bosch and Giant, climbing the mountain becomes child’s play. In that way, you will be able to ration your energy reserves so that you get the full adrenaline kick riding the trails back down. The perfect bike for all trail fans and off-roaders.

Please note: E-mountain bikes with fully suspension are only available at Bründl Sports Shop Bikeworld Schladming.

Vollgefedertes Elektro-Mountain Bike
Robuster Rahmen für maximale Stabilität
Performanter Motor für steilere Passagen
Ideal für Trails und Tracks in den Bergen

Motorized uphill, stability downhill

A frequent challenge on trail rides is rationing out your strength reserves appropriately. Only after the strength-sapping climb up the mountain on a slightly heavier bike has been completed, can you then enjoy an exhilarating ride back down. 

Thanks to the electric motor, this is now a thing of the past: On steep climbs, the motor can be activated as needed. In that way, you can ration your strength better and not use up all of your energy reserves before you even reach the actual downhill trail. The E-mountain bike fully has the same exciting characteristics and handling as a standard fully bike:

  • Long suspension travel with shocks on both axles
  • Deep-tread tires for maximum traction
  • Stable frame for stability and control in all situations

All these attributes make the E-mountain bike fully a perfect choice for every trail. An ideal combination to get even more out of your trail-riding adventure, confident you are on the best equipment available. 

Cyclists going downhill, there is a forest in the background.<br/>

Perfect for trails that are jam-packed with variety

Thanks to the uphill flow trail in Schladming, right next to Bründl Sports Shop Bikeworld you have an ideal opportunity to get the most out of your E-mountain bike with fully suspension.

With a total length of roughly 7 kilometers, this course offers everything your trail-riding heart desires: 

  • Shaded forest passages
  • Bumpy, shifting gravel slopes 
  • Tight curves in varying terrain 

On an uphill flow trail, you will encounter lots of variety and adventure. Due to its stable construction, an E-mountain bike fully is basically predestined for that kind of environment. Thanks to full suspension on both axles and long suspension travel, this bike is the right choice on every surface. Even at higher speeds, due to its fine-tuned characteristics and stronger frame, you will stay firmly in the saddle. Despite the installed motor, the bike loses nothing in terms of responsiveness and dynamics. That said, you can rely on your chosen bike in all terrain, getting the most fun out of your biking expedition. 

<br/>Cyclists driving down the mountain

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