Bike insurance

No surcharge in case of theft and repair costs up to € 300.- included

protection package for your bike rental equipment

Special protection package offers protection in case of unpleasant incidents on and off the bike trails and roads. If you lose your hired bike or if it gets stolen, we will simply replace your equipment without fuss. There is no surcharge with the protection package.

By the way: puncture protection and repair costs (in the event of damage) up to € 300.- are included in the protection package. Of course, if the worst comes to the worst, our rental shop will supply you with a replacement. However, wilful damage or gross negligence that leads to material damages are excluded.

No worries about your equipment
Cover in case of theft/ lossv
Replacement in case of damage (if available)
Repair costs up to € 300.- included

Stay relaxed thanks to the loss & theft insurance for bikes

Unexpected incidents can quickly turn your bike experience into a nightmare. Typical cases are, for example:

  • Your bike was stolen or unlawfully removed.
  • Your bike was damaged by someone else.

In cases such as these, simply visit our shop at your location and report the loss or theft to us. CAUTION: For every theft charges have to be filed at the local police station!  We will replace your bike - totally independent of the rental category, provided that we still have rental bikes left in stock for this day.

If you decide not to take out this protection and something happens, the excess payments are based on the retail prize of your rental (e-)bike and will be 40% of the retail prize.

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Customized cover for your equipment at Bründl Sports

Loss & theft insurance can be booked for one, two or several days and does not only cover your bike but all rental equipment.

  • Insurance cover possible from one day
  • 2 price categories (1 day, >1 day; Kids up to the age of 15 pay a lower prize)

Loss & theft insurance is always taken out per person. Multiple insurances are necessary for several people. So if you are travelling with your family or with friends, it is a good idea to select the loss & theft insurance for each individual person. Better safe than sorry! In the event of theft or loss, we will supply you with a replacement bike for the rest of the rental period free of charge.

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