Child seat

Safely in place

So you won't have to leave the youngest family members behind

You also get the right child seat for your bike from us for a safe cycling trip on holiday. Child bike seats can only be fitted to a trekking bike or an e-city bike, as the other bike categories are not equipped with a respectively suitableluggage rack.

It takes only a few seconds to fit the child bike seat to your bike and a few seconds more to secure your child with theharness. Our rental shop staff will be happy to show you how to attach the child bike seat and to give you numerous useful tips on how to adjust the sitting position. Easy and safe!

Please note: Child bike seats are only available at selected Bründl Sports shops.

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A safe & comfortable ride

A child bike seat simultaneously fulfills two functions: it allows you to carry a child with you and, at the same time, ensures maximum safety for your child during the journey.

The right size child bike seat is a decisive safety factor. Numerous models in many different sizes are available in our rental shop. The following features also provide additional safety and protection:

  • Harness with childproof safety buckles
  • Bright reflectors for trips at dusk
  • Leg protection to prevent the child's feet from getting caught in the spokes
  • Headrest for comfortable sitting position

Please note that children riding in a child bike seat are legally required to wear a bike helmet. You will also find suitable bike helmets for children in our shop. Our staff are sure to find the model that meets your needs.

Relaxed family cycling tour through the woods

Bike trailer as an alternative

An increasingly popular way for taking young children along on a bike ride are trailers that are attached to the back of the bicycle.

A trailer is just as easy and uncomplicated to fit to the bike as a child bike seat. The trailer is equipped with a quick-release coupler that connects to the bike. A safety-catch ensures that the trailer remains firmly attached to the bike even on uneven ground.

It can also be used for other purposes beyond cycling trips. Thanks to the tow bar design, the trailer can also easily be used when:

  • Jogging
  • Cross-country skiing

Our models are made by Thule, Croozer or KTM and are therefore produced by long-established manufacturers that keep their quality promises. Thanks to the comfortable sitting position and a weatherproof cover, even bad weather can't prevent a family outing.

Biker driving with a trailer