What makes these ski courses so good?

Learning to ski properly is not only important to ensure your own safety and the safety of others on the slopes.

It's also much more fun if you know how to ski or snowboard properly, and your movements are transferred to the snow as you intended.

The ski instructors at our partner schools can fully utilise their particular skills during training sessions:

  • Officially qualified ski instructor
  • Particularly experienced in teaching children
  • Many years of experience on the slopes
  • Empathy and patience

The aim is to teach the participants the basics of skiing in a professional way. This allows parents to enjoy a few downhill runs themselves, for example, whilst their children receive first-class instruction and develop their skills further.


Contents of beginner & advanced courses

The two ski course versions of three and five days, respectively, differ only in terms of the duration; the course contents are the same.

  • On the 3-day course, the contents and exercises are taught in a more condensed form.
  • On the 5-day course, there is more time for practising. However, due to this practical training, your ability level will be slightly higher after the longer version.

The ski course not only focuses on the right way to brake and to carve but also on fun and learning in an enjoyable way.

In addition to classic ski courses for beginners, there are also dedicated training courses for advanced skiers. Parallel use of the skis or even how to cope with difficult sections are important components.

A person going on a skitour