Agile on powder

The perfect solution for twisting downhill runs - regardless of your skiing skill level

Snowblades are characterised by their shorter length of around a metre and curved tips. Thanks to their dynamics, these skis are a brilliant alternative especially for beginners. However, talented freestyle skiers also like to grab a pair of snowblades to show off their acrobatic skills at the park & pipe.

Fundamentally, snowblades are almost the same as alpine skis as both the binding mechanism as well as their construction with a wooden core are identical. So, if you'd like to try out something new but don't want to veer too far away from what you are familiar with, snowblades are the perfect thing for you. Snowblades are not available at all of our locations - their availability will be shown during the booking process.

Please note: Snowblades are only available at selected Bründl Sports shops.

Quick learning success
Perfect for beginners
Excellent turning ability
Easy coordination

Snowblades – insider tip for beginners

These short skis are particularly suitable for beginners as they are more manoeuvrable due to their shorter length.

Snowblades are also the preferred choice for ski courses when it comes to learning to ski properly. The most important advantages of snowblades at a glance:

  • Easier to brake thanks to their shorter length
  • Improved coordination & manoeuvrability
  • Easier to control in turns
  • Easier to correct mistakes
  • Equal to classic models in terms of acceleration and edge grip.

The Bründl shops offer a wide range of different brands of snowblades. Try the skis right away!

Picture of a Person skiing.

Perfect for park & pipe

Snowblades are not only extremely popular on the slopes, but particularly in fun parks too. Their properties are ideal for jumps and all kinds of tricks:

  • Modern twin-tip design
  • Extremely agile and dynamic
  • Easy to switch the skiing direction
  • Central position when on the skis

However, athletic skiers who prefer to race downhill at higher speeds should take care with snowblades. In this case, their short length tends to be a disadvantage as they are less easy to control due to the smaller surface area. You should therefore rely on the classic alpine version.

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