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The three major disciplines in alpine skiing consist of slalom, giant slalom and downhill.

  • Slalom: these skis stand out due to their short length and wider sidecut. This design allows them to achieve the highest possible manoeuvrability and agility on the slopes.
  • Giant slalom: these models use a narrower sidecut and surpass slalom skis in terms of length, meaning the giant slalom model can achieve higher tracking stability.
  • Downhill : these skis are trimmed to achieve the highest possible speeds. Manoeuvrability & swift turning are secondary to smoothness and acceleration thanks to maximum power transmission.

In our shop, you will find models from all three categories. Reserve your ideal category now, then it's off to the slopes!

Twin-tip skis

For jumps, tricks, etc.

Twin-tip skis differ from classic alpine skis in a number of ways.

  • Curved-up ends (makes it possible to travel forwards and backwards)
  • More lightweight for daring jumps
  • Identical length on both sides of the binding
  • Longer curve radius than in alpine models

What sounds like strange requirements at first is especially important in the freestyle scene. After all, these skis are immensely popular there. Of course, you can rock more than just the park and the pipe with twin-tip skis. You can even cut a fine figure on the normal slopes.

Gliding through the deep snow

For all skiers looking for adventure on snowy slopes and in the back country, Bründl Sports also offers freeride skis.

These models catch the eye immediately:

  • Wider design for gliding in deep snow
  • Curved-up ski tips and tails
  • Rocker technology (only the area below the binding touches the ground)

The construction of the skis allows the rider to glide and not slip under the blanket of snow, thanks to their resulting lift.

What's more, the skis remain manoeuvrable and offer a high degree of dynamism and freedom when turning. It does not matter if you want to leave your tracks in the fresh powder snow on snowy forest trails or in open terrain.

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