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With this category, your first turns on skis are sure to be child's play

Solid all-round skis and classics that have proven themselves on the slopes. This category is particularly suitable for price-conscious customers who need little to no additional services and just fancy a bit of skiing on lighter terrain.

The skis can tolerate small mistakes and provide stability and safety on the slopes. That's why economy skis are also excellent for children. Models from Völkl or Blizzard make learning to ski a walk in the park because it's a whole load of fun.

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Bewährte Modell-Palette
Fehlertolerant auf der Piste
Ideal zum Lernen & Ausprobieren
Examples of models in this category
Völkl Flair 72 Damen
Blizzard RTX Race
Völkl Racetiger Jr Vmotion Kids
Examples of models in this category
Völkl Flair 72 Damen
Blizzard RTX Race
Völkl Racetiger Jr Vmotion Kids
I would recommend an economy model to all those who are beginners or to returning skiers looking for a very forgiving and low-speed all-round ski.
Raphael Sablatnig
Rental department manager, Planet Planai, Schladming

Perfect entry-level models

The economy-class skis are suitable for price-conscious skiers, and especially those who are new to the slopes and occasional skiers. Even skiers who want to take things slow after a break from the slopes will get their money's worth with these skis.

The following criteria sets these skis apart:

  • Stable & safe design
  • Forgiving construction
  • Flatter edges & solid running surface
  • Easier to control

Compared to the premium or superior categories, the economy skis are particularly suitable for leisurely skiing. That's why the speed is slightly lower, too. Advanced, athletic skiers are likely better suited to the other categories.

Father and girl skiing in Kaprun

For blue slopes & flat stretches

The economy category models are especially well suited for blue slopes. These slopes are ideal for beginners using safe terrain for practice.

These runs are usually somewhat flatter and cannot exceed a gradient of up to 25 percent. As a result, the speed doesn't get too fast and braking is easier.

In this terrain, the economy models can fully exploit their strengths:

  • They ensure a safe skiing experience
  • They allow for skiing pleasure & spontaneity
  • They provide stability for training
  • They reduce the risk of falling

You can, of course, also go on other slopes with economy skis. However, skis with more manoeuvrability and edge grip are better suited for this purpose.

Slightly advanced

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