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If you prefer to glide on one board instead of two

The snowboards from Bründl Sports are especially suitable for beginners and advanced skiers who want to conjure up cool turns on the snowy slopes. The specialized rental boards & bindings from Burton withstand greater loads thanks to their sturdier, more robust design.

Even for more sporty riders, there is a small but fine assortment of high-quality boards available at the rental shop in Kaprun. Want to trade in the slopes for fresh powder snow? Then rent your own freeride board.

Hochwertige Marken-Boards
Mix aus Stabilität & Flexibilität
Individuelle Einstellung
Spezielle Freeride-Boards
Examples of models in this category
Model 1
Model 2
Examples of models in this category
Model 1
Model 2

From cautious to sporty

All beginners and immediate riders are sure to get their money's worth with these snowboards.

In order to accommodate individual preferences, there are two different versions of board offered in each available length.

  • Boards with a softer bending curve (Rocker) are easier to ride thanks to their flexibility and forgive the odd mistake. They are especially suitable for riders attempting their first turns.
  • Boards with a harder bending curve (Camber) stand out with their stability and enjoyment value and accommodate higher speeds. That's why these boards are more suitable for more experienced riders.

At our Kaprun location in the Bründl Sports Shop Waidmannsheil, there are about 15 test snowboards available, which are designed specifically for sportier and safer riders with sufficient experience.

Goofy or regular?

The issue of where to position your foot on the board is one of the first and most important questions novice snowboarders ask when starting out.

  • If your right foot is at the front, this is called "goofy" in technical terms.
  • If your left foot is at the front of the board, this is called "regular".

This information is very important for the service staff in the shop so they can customise the board to suit your individual needs. If you do not know which foot ismore dominant when renting a snowboard, we have just the right trick to help you find out quickly.

  • Our service staff members give you a little push.
  • The foot you use to steady yourself with is usually the stronger one.
  • This foot should be placed at the rear of the board for improved control and maximum power transfer.

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