Downhill bike

For a high-speed adrenaline rush
Herader Bike

Race down any mountain with perfect suspension

This type of bike will carry you downhill at top speed. The heavier weight ensures stability and maximum acceleration. The wide forks ensure optimum steering and traction, even on stony or rough ground. Thick sidewall tyres and fully hydraulic disc brakes can cope with skids and momentary loss of control.

Safety is paramount, especially in view of the high speeds in downhill biking. You have to be able to rely on the material and its stability one hundred percent. For this reason, the bikes hired out by Bründl Sports are constantly serviced and therefore always ready to use.

Please note: Downhill bikes are exclusively available at the Bründl Sports shop Ischgl ZentrumSaalbach Kohlmaisbahn & Schladming Bikeworld

Robust off-road wheels
Ideal for downhill rides
Stabilization off-road
Focus on speed

A focus on stability & handling

As a downhill bike is designed for high-speed downhill racing, the wheels must be able to master completely different challenges.

In contrast to other bikes, a downhill bike is equipped with reinforced full suspension to ensure maximum comfort on the often uneven ground and to compensate the respective impacts as much as possible.

Other characteristics that are typical for a downhill bike are:

  • Reinforced frame for stability
  • Wider fork for improved safety
  • Bigger tyres with deeper tread for maximum traction during turns

Downhill bikes are usually slightly heavier than trekking or mountain bikes. However, this apparent downside is compensated by added stability and is often of little consequence during high-speed descents.

Downhill Biker at Kitzsteinhorn

Perfect for descending at top speed

A downhill bike is above all suitable for steep and fast downhill runs or also for tricks & flips at the bike park.

The natural and rough ground with all sorts of stones, branches and gravel poses many challenges for a bike. However, a downhill bike is perfect for precisely this sort of terrain; even at high speeds, it offers the rider the maximum:

  • Stability & safety
  • Action & fun
  • Traction & shock absorption

Excursions on tarmacked roads or cross-country are possible too, of course; but due to the downhill bike's heavier weight, pedalling soon becomes exhausting, and the steeply angled sitting position also quickly becomes uncomfortable on longer rides. We therefore recommend choosing a mountain bike for longer tours. However, a downhill bike is the perfect choice for the bike park!

a mountainbiker drives through mountainous terrain

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