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5 out of 5 stars
The overall experience was excellent. Never the less when cycling uphill I noticed soft tyers, And thought ai, later on was told that this is due to extra grip, especially for going down hill. To safe some battery it’s possible to inflate them properly Going uphill and to deflate them Going down, unless people forget it... For newbies It could be mentions that before going down hill it’s better to adjust the seat in a lower position so you can stand on the padels with flexed knees, and shift your weight more to the rear and that you should brake in burst to prevent overheating the brakes, accept in corners or if necessary. When you start to smell the brakes take a moment to let them cool, by taking a few minutes. Don’t cool them with water ! Maybe it’s a good idea to point these things out to the costumer or to check there experience level. This could prevent accidents and unnecessary maintenance on the bikes. After the mountain biking we had a drink and a little chat to share the experience, what is a good closer. This shows that the people working there are also into mountainbiken and not just renting it. The overall experience is excellent ! A good vibe in the store and A super friendly Staff !
5 out of 5 stars
Sehr freundlich und hilfreich
5 out of 5 stars
Es hat alles bestens geklappt und die Mitarbeiter waren sehr freundlich und zuvorkommend. Kann Bründl Sports gerne weiter empfehlen.

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