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Trick, wie du leichter in deinen Skischuh kommst.
In this video I show you a simple trick how to get into your ski boot the fastest.
Brian Dettenbeck
Expert for skis

How can I get fit for the new ski season?

Begin the winter full of energy

Thinking of going out on the ski slope without any sports preparation? Please don’t! We’ll show you how you can best prepare for the coming ski season and avoid painful aching muscles and nasty injuries. Well, sure: “Skiing is the coolest thing you can imagine!” But Austria’s secret national anthem is only true for the initial deep-snow euphoria, which is followed by aching muscles, struggling out of bed in the morning, cursing loudly, and wobbling to breakfast with a skier’s stiff gait amidst the laughter of your buddies. It is, however, easy to have fun skiing – with the good old ski training, which is unfortunately not so fun. It has long since rid itself of its outdated image and can help you to achieve maximum enjoyment on the slope, too. We’ll explain how to do it: 

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A skier skiing in deep snow

Accessories for your next ski day

Dieses Zubehör macht deine Skiausrüstung komplett

Our store staff will be happy to help you find the perfect equipment for you!

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