What happens when a tennis racket is restrung?

First, we determine the ideal restringing tension for your tennis racket using your height, your weight and your training condition. We also ask about how often you play, your playing ability and your expectations for tennis.

Your tennis racket is then mounted on the restringing machine and the determined desired restringing tension is set. To restring your tennis racket, we use the latest Babolat restringing machine.

The old strings are then removed, and the new strings cut according to the size and restringing pattern. Then the restringing can begin. We start with the mains, or vertical strings, and then move on to the crosses, or horizontal strings.

A tennis racket is clamped in a strining machine in order to get new strings

How often should you have your racket restrung?

You should have your tennis racket restrung as often per year as you play tennis per week. We advise tournament players to have their rackets restrung more frequently, however, and especially before every tournament.

If you buy the strings from us, the restringing of your tennis racket is already included in the price. If you bring your own strings to the shop, we charge EUR 14.99 for restringing.

Our tip: get your own personal Bründl Sports restringing pass and receive every tenth restringing free of charge.

A customer hands over its strining passport to a staff member
Never cut the old strings off your tennis racket yourself – it requires the correct technique. Otherwise, it is possible that you break the frame and then you may as well throw the racket away.
Mario Schoibl
Tennis expert at Bründl Sports Salzburg

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