What happens at a bike fitting?

A perfectly adjusted bike in just 20 minutes

First, your body is measured: your inside leg length, upper body length and arm length. These measurements are important for us to be able to find the right frame size for you.

In addition, we can use them to determine the ideal saddle-handlebar level for you. This can prevent you from sustaining injuries in the back and neck areas orint the wrists while cycling.

When we have found the optimal frame for you, it is important to select the right saddle for you. If the saddle is, for example, too narrow, this leads to a great deal of pain in the sitting bones, which can quickly spoil the pleasure of a bike tour.

Therefore, secondly the distance of your sitting bones is measured to calculate the optimal saddle width for you and to find a suitable saddle.

A cyclist is sitting on a tool that measures its sit bones and is supervised by an assistant

Do you have questions about bike fitting?

Mario is our professional for anything to do with cycling, the service and individual set-up and adjustment of the bike, and will be happy to help you with any questions.

Other product services

In addition to bike fitting in summer, we ensure in winter, through ski boot fitting, that your ski boots fit perfectly. Furthermore, as far as bikes are concerned, we also offer you bike servicing and bike rental.