Christoph Bründl

Visionary and magic moments manager

Christoph Bründl is the company's magic moments manager. His extraordinarily passionate view of the world and appreciation of people and, above all, employees, is the basis of Bründl Sports' success. So what does he do?

And there's something else which makes him stand out: his goal. "Surround yourself with the best and those who think differently". And that's what he does. Such people are the essence, the essential factor which makes this company so lively and successful.

  • The vision for Bründl Sports. He is always a step ahead in his thinking. Even when the here and now is going perfectly, it is never enough. He has the ability to look beyond the horizon, trust his intuition and always actively proceed with great courage - always striving for perfection regardless of any headshaking doubters.
  • The company culture . This is shaped by the Bründl values of happiness, collective responsibility, discipline, consistency and sustainability. Noticeable in all our operations and activities and our guidelines for interacting with each other.
  • Being crazy. Most people thought him crazy when he hired one of the best architects in the world to build the flagship store in Kaprun in 2008, and this will happen again when he expands the building in 2020. But that this attitude is absolutely the right one is demonstrated in the success and continual growth of the Bründl Sports brand.


Christoph Bruendl
Christoph Bründl

Bernhard Bründl

Bründl Academy trainer and co-founder

Bernhard Bründl is the co-owner of Bründl Sports and primarily responsible for the development of employees. As a part of the human resources development team he is simultaneously the spiritual "architect" and trainer of many training courses and workshops within the Bründl Academy, such as the strategy workshop, nature workshops and trainee education for junior managers.

Since 1993 he has run his own consulting company in the middle of Salzburg and supervises various branches of the company.

His focus lies in strategy and company development, internal management development programmes and coaching, as well as potential analysis and employee feedback.


portrait of Bernhard Bründl
Bernhard Bründl

Our business management

René Gorissen

Executive Board | Centralised Purchasing +43 6547 83 88 75
Rene Gorissen

Petra Kitzberger, MBA

Executive Board | Finances, Accounting & IT | Commercial Procuration +43 6547 83 88 33
Petra Kitzberger

Herbert Neumayer

Executive Board | Human Resources & Rent +43 6547 83 88 24
Bruendl Sports executive board member Herbert Neumayer

Thomas Vorreiter

Executive Board | Marketing & Expansion +43 6547 83 88 12
Tom Vorreiter

Service centre expertise

It's time to recognise our busy bees in the background. They are an integral part of our Bründl system. They are not as visible as our shop teams but without them and their qualities and values, the business would not run so smoothly.

People in our shops

Passionate, extraordinary and always on a mission to give brilliant advice to our customers. Contact with people makes a visit to our shops really special and leaves everyone with a magic moment.

Four exciting success stories

Here, you can find even more young, experienced, crazy and enthusiastic employees. Allow yourself to be inspired by different people and perhaps you'll decide that you'd like to become part of the Bründl team yourself.