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Whether you are an experienced “pro” or a trail rookie, in our shops we offer sporty gear for “skating”, classic “diagonal” equipment as well as health-conscious cruiser sets for all ages and abilities. In other words, the ideal package however you choose to let loose on the ski trails close to our locations.
If you are unsure about how long your skis or poles should be, our shop employees will be happy to assist and get you into equipment that guarantees an enjoyable endurance experience in the fresh winter air.

Cross-country sets are available from Bründl Sports at Flagshipstore Kaprun, at the shop in Saalfelden as well as our store at McArthur Glen Designer Outlet Salzburg.

Cross-Country Skiing

Let´s do cross-country – the best way to prepare for the cross-country trails!

An expert who really knows her stuff: Our Andrea is a passionate cross-country skier. Whether it's classic or skating style, this multi-sport athlete thinks that cross-country skiing is the secret tip for all health-loving outdoor enthusiasts.

Here she shares with you how to get the most fun and joy out of your cross-country skiing experiences:

  • There are different types of cross-country skiing, the most common being classic cross-country skiing along groomed tracks and “skating” technique. The former is ideal for beginners of any fitness level, while skating requires a bit more practice and is also more strenuous.
  • The Bründl experts at each of our shops can reveal which equipment is best suited for you and your cross-country skiing ambitions, including the various models and sizes available. And if you just want to give the sport a try for the very first time, why not take advantage of our cross-country ski rental service.
  • Balance is key to gliding through the winter landscape on cross-country skis smoothly. Start practicing balance exercises in the fall, such as doing single-leg squats while brushing your teeth or cleaning up the playroom on one leg. 😉
  • Take it one step at a time and enjoy the gradual process - begin slowly at a leisurely pace.  Make your sessions short and simple so as to get used to the movements. You'll be surprised how quickly you'll make progress!
  • For me, cross-country skiing is not just a physical challenge. In the early morning, I enjoy the fresh air and tranquility of nature, and in the evenings, I love to squeeze in a quick lap or two to let off some steam, unwind, and recharge my batteries.
  • The cross-country skiing family is a big one and caters to all ages - whether you're an ambitious athlete or a health-conscious recreational sports enthusiast, everyone is welcome. Give it a try - and with a little bit of luck, maybe we’ll even “bump into each other” on my local trail in Kaprun.

With Andrea's tips, your first attempts at cross-country skiing are certain to be a success. If you have any further questions or need information about equipment, the experts in our local branches are always happy to assist you!

Langlauf-Expertin Andrea auf der Kapruner Loipe

Five tips for cross-country skiing


  1. Choose the Right Equipment: Invest in high-quality cross-country skiing gear that suits your skill level and needs. Selecting the correct ski length, bindings, and boots is crucial for a comfortable and efficient cross-country skiing experience.

  2. Learn the Proper Technique: Cross-country skiing requires good technique to efficiently use your strength and avoid injuries. Take lessons or have experienced cross-country skiers teach you the basic techniques like gliding, braking, and turning.

  3. Select the Right Clothing: Wear breathable clothing that keeps you warm while wicking away sweat. Layering is important so you can adjust your clothing for changing conditions. Don't forget gloves, a hat, and consider wearing sunglasses or ski goggles with UV protection.

  4. Safety and Preparation: Research the trail conditions and weather conditions in advance. Allow ample time to plan your cross-country ski trip and bring the necessary equipment, including first-aid supplies in case of emergencies. Inform someone about your whereabouts, especially if you're skiing alone.

  5. Proper Equipment Care: After cross-country skiing, make sure to clean and dry your gear carefully to minimize wear and tear. Skis should be waxed and maintained to preserve their glide properties. Regularly inspect bindings and poles to ensure they are functioning correctly.

With these tips, you should be well-prepared to enjoy cross-country skiing and make the most of your outdoor adventures.