Conny's great passion is skiing. The sporty Stuhlfeldner, mother of two children, loves hitting the ski slopes alone or with her family. Above all, she loves freedom, playing with her strengths and working on the perfect swing. For Conny, a day of skiing often feels like a short vacation, especially when you're in good company. For Conny, the optimal set-up is the be-all and end-all for having fun with skiing. A suitable ski boot that doesn't pinch and keeps you warm, as well as sharp ski edges that you can rely on.

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Manfred loves to strap on his touring skis in winter. For him, ski tours are a special experience that he loves to share with his friends. Above all, he loves the silence, but also the exertion and, above all, the summit victory. There's nothing like a good cheese sandwich and a Coke when you get to the top. For Manfred, perfect preparation is essential for his approximately 30 winter ski tours. Everything is prepared the evening before so that the enjoyment can start first thing in the morning. For Manfred, this preparation also includes optimal advice in the shop, where he can rely on the know-how and competence.

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The passionate ski tourer Anna loves adventure and, above all, this mixture of mountain experiences, physical exertion and nature. Anna loves to block out all thoughts when ski touring and focus on the essentials. Simply enjoy this special time out in peace and quiet. Above all, she loves the downhill runs and the fresh powder snow. In order to be completely in the here and now, a feeling of security is very important for Anna. On the one hand, she gets this through the right company/group and, on the other hand, through the right material such as an avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe or crampons for the steep, icy tours.

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