"Verkaufen ist wie Flirten" meint Erik im Interview

Erik im Interview

The best training in sports retail

During your apprenticeship, we will provide you with comprehensive knowledge about products from a variety of different sports. In the course of the three years, you won't always be working in the same departments.

  • You will transfer between clothing, helmets, boots and skis.

  • You will be able to watch service technicians go about their work

  • and will experience the mechanics of ski rentals.

To facilitate the process, we provide an in-house e-learning program along with the Bründl Junior Academy, for a full communications and personality development package. You will learn to ask the right questions and receive tips about self-confident body posture and making a competent impression. Our goal: to offer you the best training you can get in the sports retail business!

apprentices are decorating a manequin

Things you will be involved with on a daily basis

Of course, each year of your apprenticeship will have different areas of focus. But everything you learn leads logically from one step to the next. Year by year, your know-how, experience and self-confidence in sales will grow. Here is just a small excerpt of some of the activities:

  • Even in your first year, you'll be actively involved in sales (initially with support from a trainer, of course)

  • Organization of goods, including delivery, warehousing and sales spaces

  • Reorganization of products/sizes

  • Working with Bründl systems

  • Familiarization with important sales coding

  • Keeping the shop as well as the warehouse orderly and clean

  • Producing product information

  • Depending on the department, you will be trained in basic services such as stringing tennis rackets, running analysis for customers and binding adjustment

  • Assist with seasonal transitions

  • and much more…

an apprentice places boots in the shelf
My apprenticeship buddy Stefan is constantly asking me questions that customers might ask. If I don’t know an answer, he explains it to me. And when I know the answers, that’s great practice for the real-world sales environment.
Thomas Hiti
Apprentice, Flagshipstore Kaprun

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