Our apprentices are the best people to tell you what it entails

"Anna, give us a list! What would happen if you weren't here?"

  • Invoices would remain open and wouldn't be entered in the books
  • There wouldn't be any office materials for our shops or the service center
  • Customer inquiries wouldn't be redirected to the correct department or would remain unanswered
  • There would be no organized lists for various events (such as race-ski tests, waxing courses, avalanche training…)
  • Mail would not be distributed correctly
  • The telephone would ring endlessly, without anyone picking up
  • Conference rooms would not be prepared and guests would not receive refreshments
  • Employees wouldn't receive their birthday cakes
  • There wouldn't be any food in the employee lunchroom
  • and a lot more…
an apprentice uses a printer in office
From the first moment I was shown around, I was allowed to do a number of tasks that I am now responsible for during my apprenticeship. Even then I already knew I wanted to do an apprenticeship with Bründl. I will soon be finished and I haven’t regretted my decision for a second.
Anna Pirchner
Apprentice clerical assistant, Kaprun service center