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Facts and figures about our academy

29 years of the Bründl Academy: expertise and personality development have been firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy for many years now. And we have continually developed the range of seminar offerings. Here are a few other facts that might interest you.

Trainerinnen und Trainer
Wir prüfen sehr genau, wer unser Team entwickeln darf und wer nicht. Wer langfristig mit uns zusammenarbeiten möchte, muss sich zuerst beweisen und eine nachhaltige Verbesserung oder neue Inputs bringen.
Verschiedene Seminare und Workshops
So unterschiedlich unsere Berufsbilder sind, umso unterschiedlicher müssen auch unsere Weiterbildungsangebote sein. Denn die Teams in den Shops benötigen beispielsweise andere Impulse als unsere Teams im Servicecenter.
Themenfelder für Herz und Hirn
Verkauf, Kommunikation, Persönlichkeit, Naturworkshops, Führung, Achtsamkeit, Lehrlinge, Produktwissen, Shopscouting, Fachkompetenz und noch mehr...
Trainingstage pro Jahr
Die Summe aller Tage, die unsere Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter jährlich in Kursen und Trainingseinheiten verbringen. Das ist schon ein kleines Vermögen... das es uns natürlich wert ist!
Erich Schernthaner
All of the talks and training programs have helped me with my professional as well as personal development. Even if I only ever got one thing out of a course, it brought me yet another important step forward. My daily and weekly routines are better structured and I find it easier to make better decisions. Especially for my leadership role, everything related to “observing and praising” was particularly important.
Erich Schernthaner
Store manager, Bründl Sports Schmittenhöhebahn valley station & DriveIn Areit III mountain terminal in Zell am See, and Bründl Sports Orgler in Kaprun

The Bründl Sports school of life encompasses…

Nature workshops

A chance for all 550 employees to get to know each other and network.

Bründl Junior Academy

For our 37 apprentices in each year of their apprenticeship

Sales training

For all new employees, as well as ongoing training for all more experienced team members.

Communication training

For conscious use of words in all situations.

Product knowledge

For knowledge advantage in customer assistance.

Trainee training

For next-generation leaders with high aspirations.

Personality training

A complement to expertise and equally important aspect of development.

Leadership development program

From boss to leader.


Flexible, location-independent and focused on the essentials.

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