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01.04. - 02.05.2021

Further information

A brief overview

What did the people at the Bründl Sports Service Center take care of?

They ensure ...

  • the right products show up at the right place at the right time.
  • we find people with a brain and a heart, and create a productive environment with boundless development opportunities.
  • a complete overview of all facts, figures and finances
  • perfect design and planning of new shops
  • an overall advertising concept, customer enthusiasm
  • the perfect IT infrastructure
  • and much more...

Our various teams never have a shortage of work!

group photo of six persons
Portrait of Andreas Auzinger
When I graduated, I would never have thought of applying for a dispatch job at Bründl Sports. In the Pinzgau region at that time, there were only really three companies that were even big enough to have that kind of department. But a former colleague of mine drew my attention to the size of the logistics division at Bründl Sports in Kaprun, where I have now been head of distribution since 2018.
Andreas Auzinger
Distribution manager, Kaprun Service Center

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