Bründl moves - Season 2

magicmoments #1 - Sarah Dreier - Most successful Austrian Ski Mountaineer

From a sports teacher to the Vice World Champion in Ski Mountaineering

The first guest of Bründl Bewegt's new podcast series, #magicmoments, is the incredibly affable 28-year-old Austrian ski mountaineer, Sarah Dreier. Sarah is a World Cup champion and Vice World Champion in the Vertical discipline, as well as the overall Vertical World Cup winner for the 22/23 season. The young athlete takes listeners on a journey to her greatest magic moment, the victory at the Home World Cup in Schladming, and shares her mindset and emotions before and after the triumph. Sarah also discusses her general training, team dynamics, the sport of ski mountaineering, and her path to the world's elite. She provides interesting insights into the financial situation of ski mountaineers and the increased media presence in this relatively young sport. Two years ago, Sarah took the bold step of quitting her job as a teacher at a secondary school to fully commit to her professional sports career. In this podcast, you'll learn about her experiences as a teacher and what she values about the profession.

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Stefan Steinacher und Skibergsteigerin Sarah Dreier

magicmoments #2 - Henrik Kristoffersen - Alpine Skiing Champion

One of the World's Top Alpine Skiers

30 World Cup Wins, 83 Podiums – 29-year-old Norwegian Ski Star Henrik Kristoffersen, one of the most successful athletes in the current Ski World Cup, joins Bründl Bewegt's new podcast series - #magicmoments. Henrik provides deep insights into the early days of his career, the support of his parents who, due to high financial costs, even gave up a car for a year, and the role of the Norwegian Ski Federation. He also explores interesting differences between the Austrian and Norwegian ski federations, as well as the topic of sponsorship as a Norwegian athlete.

Naturally, the climate protest during the Ski World Cup race in Obergurgel is a topic, along with how he consistently motivates himself and rekindles the hunger and passion for racing. Whether he will become an Austrian citizen soon, what he appreciates about his team Van Deer-Red Bull Sports, his wishes for his son's future, and how long he plans to continue in the Ski World Cup – all this and more is revealed in this podcast.

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magicmoments #3 - Sam Maes, Belgian Skier with Austrian roots

From an all-around athlete and golf prodigy to a ski racer

In the third episode of the new podcast series "Bründl Bewegte - #magicmoments," we have the pleasure of welcoming the always positive and amiable athlete, Sam Maes. Together with the moderator and host, Stefan Steinacher, we delve deep into Sam's world, discovering what drives him as both a person and an athlete. We discuss his athletic journey, his most moving moments, his approach to sports, and how he maintains a positive and focused mindset despite challenges. Sam shares with us how he keeps his sister's legacy alive and how his unwavering mindset helped him achieve his best placement in the Ski World Cup to date.

Furthermore, we learn why he competes for Belgium rather than Austria, what he appreciates about the Global Racing Team, and why private teams, as opposed to national teams, could be interesting for the world of skiing. Sam reveals the role his friends play in his life, his greatest strength and weakness, why he chose ski racing over golf, and the details of a bet Stefan made with him—all in the new podcast episode.

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Stefan Steinacher und Sam Maes

magicmoments #4 - Johannes Lamparter - King of the Nordic Combined

The radiant figure of the Austrian sports world

He is 22 years old and already a world champion & overall World Cup winner: Tyrolean Johannes "Jo" Lamparter is one of the most successful athletes in Nordic combined and is our 4th guest in Bründl Bewegt's new podcast series - #magicmoments. In conversation with moderator and host Stefan Steinacher, Jo talks about his mental strength and collaboration with his long-time coach Patrick Murnig. We gain insights into his family life, life with the "sports family" of Nordic combined athletes, and learn how the team also comes together to overcome adversity.

Jo also takes us on a journey to his greatest magic moments, such as winning the Seefeld Triples or participating in the Ötztal Radmarathon. He tells us about his childhood dreams and how he has already fulfilled some of them.

You can find out how Jo spends the Christmas holidays, what Christmas gift would make him happy, and how his hometown of Rum celebrated him in the new podcast episode.

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Stefan Steinacher and Johannes Lamparter

magicmoments #5 - Lisa Hauser - Austria's best biathlete of all time

Winner of the Fair Play Prize of German Sports 2017

30 years old and with around 300 World Cup races under her belt: as the fifth guest of the new podcast series by Bründl Bewegt - #magicmoments, we have the pleasure of welcoming Lisa Hauser to Hotel Grosslehen in Fieberbrunn. The 30-year-old biathlete is not only the first Austrian world champion in biathlon, she also received the Fair Play Prize of German Sports in 2017. In a conversation with moderator and host Stefan Steinacher, Lisa talks about the solidarity within the biathlon family and her friendships with athletes from other nations. Lisa shares with us her greatest sporting and emotional magic moments, such as crossing the finish line at the World Championships in Pokljuka or finishing second in Oslo, where her parents were present, but also discusses her setbacks. She explains how to approach a biathlon race mentally and how to motivate and focus oneself after shooting errors for the rest of the race. We also get to know Lisa on a personal level: she reveals to us, among other things, how she likes to spend her holidays, which books provide the best relaxation after a race, and what her everyday life looks like with her partner.

You can find out why Lisa now trains with the Swiss biathlon team, what the ADAMS system is, and what goals Lisa still has in mind in this new podcast episode.

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Stefan Steinacher und Lisa Hauser

Our Moderator

Stefan Steinacher

Our Moderator

Stefan Steinacher

Stefan Steinacher is a steadfast member of the sports scene and an important link between athletes and spectators. Sitting at his microphone, he has commented roughly 20 different world championships and three Olympic Games. He also appears as a live speaker at tennis, Formula One and MotoGP events. A native of Fieberbrunn, he has accompanied sporting events with his unbridled enthusiasm for almost 18 years. That said, his favorite occupation is interviewing and getting to know the widest possible variety of people. As the moderator of our new “Bründl Moves” podcasts, he will primarily chat with diverse personalities who are guided through their lives by a personal vision, constantly finding inspiration from within themselves.