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There is also a special racing service, based in Kaprun, for ski racers. You are also welcome, however, to hand in your skis at other shops. We will deliver them to Kaprun for you and return them to you ready for racing.

Electronic binding configuration

The electronic binding configuration according to standard is carried out automatically when you purchase new skis. However for safety reasons, you should have an electronic binding configuration carried out every two years as well as if you gain or lose a lot of weight (more than 10 kg).

During the electronic binding configuration, the binding is set to the correct contact pressure and release pressure for you and your skiing style with the aid of a machine, using your height and weight as a guide.

The correct configuration of the binding can minimise the risk of injury should you fall, if the binding comes undone at the right moment. It is also important, however, that the binding does not release too easily and you do not suddenly lose a ski while skiing.

Price: EUR 15.00

Hot wax dripping on the running surface
A ski that is prepared well slides and turns more easily. A ski that turns more easily requires less physical effort. Ultimately, this reduces the risk of injury.
Hans Hofer
Ski service expert

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In addition to the ski & board service, there is a wide range of other services at Bründl Sports related to your winter equipment. This allows you to be perfectly equipped for your adventure on the slopes!