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Job-Bike "Jobrad" can be seen like a company car. The big advantage is that you can save up to 35% compared to the direct price
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Advantages Job Bikes

JOB BIKE Advantages for Employees:

  • Job Bike Leasing through your employer is significantly cheaper than buying direct – saving you as much as 35%
  • Job bikes can be used for private purposes, sports and recreation as well as work
  • An uncomplicated  process through the leasing partner – e.g. Jobrad Austria
  • Cycling keeps you fit, it’s fun, and it clears your mind. Plus, it is the perfect form of transportation for the environment.

JOB BIKE Advantages for Employers:

  • Enhances employee health and motivation
  • Innovative and sustainable – improves your CO2 balance
  • Cost- and liquidity-neutral
  • Zero risk
  • No unnecessary effort – easy processing through the leasing partner

Pricing example for Jobrad Austria


Gross monthly salary: € 3300
Leasing term: 48 months
Cost of bicycle: € 3499

And here’s how it works:

Guidance for Employees:

  1. Ask your employer if they already offer job bikes and, if not, draw their attention to this easy, uncomplicated opportunity.
  2. As soon as your employer has entered into an agreement with a leasing partner – we recommend Jobrad Austria – go ahead and register personally with that leasing partner.
  3. Come to Bründl Sports and we will find the bicycle you want from our extensive product selection.
  4. Bründl Sports and the leasing partner will handle the easy, uncomplicated leasing process on your behalf.
  5. Pick up your bike and pedal away!

Guidance for Employers:

  1. Enter into a general agreement with a leasing partner (e.g. Jobrad Austria – LINK: at.jobrad.org and determine the price range of bicycles from which your employees may select. You can also turn the job bike into an added employee bonus by, for example, having your company assume the insurance or service costs.
  2. You differentiate yourself as an attractive employer by proactively promoting the job bike to your current employees and as an added benefit to prospective employees.
  3. Your employees then select their preferred bike at Bründl Sports.
  4. Bründl Sports will take care of the paperwork with the leasing partner. All you have to do is confirm that your employee is eligible.
  5. After the bike has been picked up, you will receive notification of the monthly installments which will have to be calculated into your employee’s salary statement.

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