What happens during the running analysis?

During the running analysis, we give you a pair of neutral running shoes in which you then run a few steps on our treadmills. You are filmed from behind and your running style is then examined in slow motion.

The video analysis technology from Dartfish enables us to quickly determine your running style, find out your exact foot position and analyse any misalignments.

Above all, it is important to take a look at the knees and ankles as well as the accompanying analysis of the pronation. If, for example, your feet roll too far inward when you run, we will recommend running shoes that provide side support.

When we have found a suitable model for you, we will have you run on the treadmill again. In the subsequent video analysis, we can then recognise straight away whether the running shoes suit you and your running style.

A staff member is doing a treadmill analysis for his client which is running on a treadmill

When is it time for new running shoes?

It is important that you feel comfortable when you run in your running shoes. This helps you to run more efficiently and is easier on your muscles and joints.

The exact time that you require new shoes completely depends on how much you run in them. The first check is the sole of the shoe: if it is flat and worn away, this is an indication that it is time for new running shoes. In addition, you should pay attention to the shock absorption: if running feels harder on your feet over time, it is worth getting a new pair of shoes.

As a guideline, we recommend that you replace your running shoes after 800 to 1,100 kilometres.

Do you run often? Then we advise that you have a second pair of running shoes in a different category so that your feet become better trained.

A detailed look on the tread of running shoes while someone is running on a treadmill
To go with your new running shoes, we recommend suitable functional socks. The seamless design causes less friction and they transport sweat from the feet directly outwards. Blisters haven't a chance!
Wolfgang Ebner
Deputy manager at Bründl Sports Salzburg

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