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The job profiles at our shops are every bit as diverse as the career opportunities and positions. You will likely start out with an apprenticeship and move up into sales or rentals. The remainder of your career path remains open, but we can promise you it will be anything other than boring.

Here you will find general information about shop careers. Already know the job profile that interests you the most? If so, this is the right place for you:

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Apprenticeships at Bründl Sports

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If you decide to enter an apprenticeship with us, you will have four possibilities. Needless to say, most of our openings are for retail apprentices, who we train in Kaprun, Salzburg, Ischgl, Fügen, Mayrhofen, Saalfelden and Schladming. We are currently only able to offer operational logistics, administrative assistantships as well as IT and technician training in Kaprun.

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Careers at our service center

This area is our youngest. Of course, even back in the days when we only had five shops, someone had to take care of purchasing, marketing and finance. That said, those areas looked a lot different at that time. Purchasing was done in parallel to sales, marketing was restricted to advertising in Kaprun and the entire financial area was contracted out. Today - with 31 shops - we hold all the reins in our own hands and need a correspondingly large number of people to take care of everything.

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