Which benefits are a matter of course for us

Lunch subsidy

Discounted shopping

Free ski rental

50 % off bike rentals

Referral bonus

Return bonus for seasonal workers

Cooperation agreement with a fitness studio

Opportunities for training and professional development

Monthly team bonuses

Group sporting activities and events

A smile is a must

several apprentices sitting on stairs

The 7 best reasons for a job with us

1. A smile is a must

If we could, we would write this sentence into all of our employment contracts. After all, good humor is the essence of uncomplicated interactions within the team as well as with customers.

2. Really good benefits

If you are actively involved in sports, you really do have it good as a member of the Bründl team, since our employee conditions for rentals and purchases are unbeatable. Read more below

3. The Bründl Academy

We only select the very best trainers and offer a mix that will appeal to new as well as more experienced employees.

4. Opportunities for advancement

Due to our size, many opportunities are open to you – we mean that with respect to personal development, but also if you are ever in the mood for a geographical change of scenery (from shop to shop).

5. Legendary Events

When it comes to celebrating, we definitely know what we’re doing – after all, we have a really good role model. Christoph Bründl – our M3 (Magic Moments Manager) is always on the lookout for magic moments for our team.

6. Family Business

We’re not some anonymous corporation! An elbow mentality and ruthless treatment of colleagues simply doesn’t stand a chance here with us. We go with team players who value and embody the word “respect”.

7. The sporting sector is booming

Here with us, you will be dealing with interesting products as well as a growing demand for sporting equipment and services.

Christoph Bruendl
Of the many investments we make, those in our
employees are the best of all.
Christoph Bründl
Owner and Magic Moments Manager