The world of sporting goods

Not all sporting goods are created the same. Whether winter or summer sports, alpine or cross-country skiing, touring, biking, hiking, running or fitness - the variety of sports is virtually endless. Which explains why our product selection is equally extensive and diverse.

Naturally, we provide our sales staff with good general knowledge about all sporting goods. However, each sales clerk has their own special expertise and focus. What interests you the most? Where do you already have a personal knowledge advantage?

When we are looking for people for our shop teams, we focus on three broad areas of sporting goods retail: clothing, hardware and accessories.

an employee presents a hiking shoe

Our three retail areas

What will give you the most chances here with us

Your personal career path

The selection is far too broad to be an expert on every product. That's why we always look for future staff based on fields required by each particular store.

Aside from the various areas of sporting expertise, there are different positions you can work towards as well. Sometimes a career path develops from shop employee to department manager, and ultimately even to store manager. Your personal motivation will open many doors for you.

Bründl Kassa-Mitarbeiterin beim Kassieren
Theresa Schernthaner
I have been with Bründl since my apprenticeship and have always wanted to keep developing professionally. Beginning in clothing sales, I moved up to department manager and then assistant store manager, putting me right where I wanted to be at this point in my life.
Theresa Schernthaner
Assistant store manager at Flagshipstore Kaprun

Other examples of shop careers

Are you fundamentally interested in making a personal contribution at one of our Bründl Sports shops, but sales isn't quite right for you? In that case, how about one of the following positions?