Nowadavs, this is the essence of sports retail

"Get the magic moment with us" – but how? Our video gives you a short preview.

Bar in the Bründl Sports shop in Salzburg – McArthurGlen Designer Outlet center

What makes a shopping experience special?

It is not only with offers and our expertise that we wish to impress you. For us, a shopping experience is only perfect if we have emotionally moved you with magic moments, both large and small. We're prepared to go the extra mile for this and leave the well-trodden path to turn sports retail upside down.

We love to experiment and constantly develop ourselves further. We love to be different and to give you something to talk about with bld decisions. We love people and direct, personal exchanges with them. We want to inspire people with who we are and what we do. This passion drives us in advising and supporting our customers on a daily basis.