Your duties in the field of merchandising

Product presentation, decoration, music selection and much more: As a merchandiser for Bründl Sports, you will be focused on the atmosphere in our shops. Within your team, you will be involved with the following themes:

  • Shop highlights such as the Polar Station, cinema, climbing wall,…
  • Things to put a smile on customers' faces, such as breathing polar bears, dancing hands, shower stalls ….
  • Lounge furniture to relax on including magazines, drinks service and fireplace
  • Music selection
  • Clear product presentation
  • Inspirational displays
  • Seasonal decorative ideas
  • Conceptualization
  • Merchandising guidelines
  • ... and more
appealing entrance area with view towards the sales floor <br/>
Without merchandising, our shops would only be half as beautiful. Our display windows are what draw customers into the store. That requires creativity and a special eye for details. That goes for all of your activities including shop design, store openings and attractive presentation of products.
Carina Prasil
Merchandising at all shops

Other examples of shop careers

You are fundamentally interested in being part of our Bründl Sports shop team, but merchandising isn't necessarily ideal for you? In that case, how about one of our other career choices