Of long tables and short reaction times

Our IT team is a small, though outstanding group of people, with a real service focus that's at the core of our infrastructure. After all, their customers are their own colleagues. Here are a few of the tasks they are responsible for:

  • Ordering, installation and maintenance of various IT components
  • Analysis and resolution of technical issues affecting hard- and software
  • Development and operation of interfaces between IT hardware and software solutions
  • Provide ongoing documentation of the IT infrastructure
  • Ongoing improvements to IT performance as well as implementation of new technologies
  • Information & IT security
  • and much more!
two IT employees at work
Wolfgang Huber
The entire Bründl IT team was put together in just three years. Today, they administer over 1000 IT devices (distributed at 32 locations including the logistics and data center). Despite their enthusiasm for technology, they don’t forget to have fun from time to time either. After all, when you get joy out of your work and have a positive attitude, there isn’t an IT problem in this world that can’t be solved together, ensuring best-possible quality of IT services and countless magic moments.
Wolfgang Huber
IT Director, Kaprun Service Center

Our success stories

Here you will find even more of our young, experienced, slightly insane as well as enthusiastic employees.
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