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But let's go ahead and ask our most experienced apprentice, Christopher Rautner

"Chris! What are your duties on the IT team?"

  • Installation and maintenance of various IT components (e.g. notebooks & tablets)
  • Analyze and solve technical problems affecting hardware and software
  • Provide documentation for the IT infrastructure and assist in optimization
  • Assist in opening new shops, specifically ensuring reliability & functionality of various IT components
  • Provide support in all aspects of information & IT security
  • I am involved in a multitude of very exciting and innovative IT projects
  • and I'm getting to know various IT fields as an all-rounder
Portrait of Christopher Rautner
At 28 years of age, I am actually the oldest apprentice at Bründl. Starting out, I had already completed training as a cook, though I knew I eventually wanted to get into the IT world. Along the way, I also worked servicing office machines. For me, an apprenticeship was the next logical step. And in Bründl, I found the perfect trainer.
Christopher Rautner
IT apprentice, Kaprun service center