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What should you look for when buying tennis rackets?

When playing tennis, the right racket is of great importance. The choice of racket can have a big impact on your game and determine whether or not you feel comfortable on the court. When buying, racket head size, weight, balance, grip size and material should all be considered.

Beginners should choose a racket with a larger head, while the choice of weight and balance will depend on your playing style. The grip size should fit to avoid injury.

Finally, there is the material of the racket. Most tennis rackets are made of graphite, as it is lightweight and durable. However, there are also rackets made of aluminum and titanium, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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The stringing of the tennis racket provides ball control, spin and power. Over time, however, the strings of the racket lose tension and thus your strokes also lose quality.

Pain and problems with the arms can be the result. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you have your tennis racket restrung regularly. 

We not only restring your tennis racket, but also advise you on which tennis strings best support the characteristics of your racket. This way you can get even more out of your material.

So nothing stands in the way of your next tennis match.

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A tennis racket is clamped in a strining machine in order to get new strings

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