The best support in Kaprun

Making ski equipment suitable for the slopes is not an art, but bringing it to its absolute peak performance is. That's why we've put together a team at Bründl Sports in Kaprun that guarantees the ultimate racing service for your skis and ski boots and allows you to stand out on the slopes.

The team combines years of experience at home and abroad, in employment at the Ski World Cup, as ski instructors and ski trainers and as experts in specialist stores:

  • Manfred Rogetzer - equipment expert
  • Hans Hofer - ski service
  • Lukas Wallner - ski service
  • Ernst Neumayer - ski service
  • Fabian Stiepel - ski boot fitting
  • Markus Pertl - ski boot fitting
  • Markus Lemberger - ski boot fitting
Manfred Rogetzer, the boss of the Bründl Sports Racing Service, with a pair of Fischer skis in his hands, standing in front of a wall of skis

Ski servicing by a world champion

Hans Hofer has been a junior world champion and a professional multiple-world champion. After his ski racing career, he worked for the Blizzard and Fischer brands, and most recently worked in the research and development department of the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV). Since 2010, he has been putting all his knowledge and know-howto use for the Bründl Sports customers and ensures the perfect ski service for your racing skis.

Lukas Wallner has been with us since his apprenticeship, and his love for the ski service has developed over the years. He was introduced to the intricacies of the racing service by Hans and it is now impossible to imagine the racing service team without him.

Ernst Neumayer was responsible for the junior Austrian ski racers at Blizzard for years. From children to the Europa Cup skiers, all of them were always provided with the best equipment by Ernst. Now, Ernst ensures the perfect racing service for your racing skis, thanks to his years of experience.

Hans Hofer doing a ski service for racing skis

Adjustment by a World Cup servicer

Fabian Stiepel is a professional ski boot fitter. He was a ski boot servicer in the Ski World Cup for six years and, among others, helped the Finnish ski racer Tanja Poutiainen to great success; for example, when the shell of her ski boot tore, Fabian quickly and decretly modelled a replacement boot to her foot.

He now works at Bründl Sports and ensures that all ski racers wear ski boots that fit like a glove and transfer power to the ski optimally.

Fabian is supported in his work by his colleagues Markus Lemberger and Markus Pertl, with whom Fabian has shared his secrets of ski boot fitting. The two are now real Bründl Sports ski boot pros.

Fabian Stiepel, a professional ski boot fitter, holding a Fischer ski boot in his hands, standing in front of a wall of skiboots

Racing service locations

The headquarters of the Bründl Sports racing service is located in our flagship store in Kaprun, as well as in Waidmannsheil. We are also happy to provide you with advice by telephone or, in the case of the racing service for skis, to accept them at other locations and send them to Kaprun.

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Do you have questions about the racing service?

Our expert for ski racing, Manfred Rogetzer, will be happy to help you. Manfred has been the Bründl equipment expert for over 30 years and will provide you with the best support in choosing the perfect racing set-up.

Additional product services

In addition to the racing service, there is a wide range of other services at Bründl Sports related to your winter equipment. This allows you to be perfectly equipped for your adventure on the slopes!