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In our world all skiers are equal. We want everyone to have access to the world’s best ski equipment, regardless of age, experience, and what kind of skiers they are: powder junkies, ski tourers, racers – you’re all at home at VAN DEER.

Whether you’re a youngster going into your first FIS race or an established podium racer in the Europa Cup – your VAN DEER skis are identically constructed; and they are handmade from the exact same high-end materials in our (manu)factory in Austria.

In everything we do we are ready to go the extra mile: We choose small, individual series rather than large-scale production. We prefer top-quality locally sourced Austrian raw materials over less expensive imported components. We leave our skis in the press longer because we know the bonding will be better. And we make sure that every single ski that leaves our factory gets a genuine Race Room finish according to Marcel Hirscher’s very own World Cup standards.

From our Junior and Race skis all the way down to our Freeride and Touring skis, we are proud to claim that each VAN DEER model has been developed and personally approved by Marcel Hirscher, eight-time overall World Cup winner.

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“When perfection becomes obsession magical things arise”

Marcel Hirscher’s story is one-of a-kind. Competing at the highest level for 15 years, he profoundly changed the world of ski racing by setting new standards with his exceptional talent, technical skills, race intelligence, training methods, and physical fitness. What really set him apart from everybody else, though, was his professional, no-compromise approach to his equipment. Marcel’s obsession for tinkering and fiddling with things and his perfectionism often drove people mad. But his ability to translate his intuition and extraordinary feeling for both snow and gear into innovation have made him one of the most successful alpine skiers of all time.

For Marcel it has been a life-long dream to found his own ski company. So once he quit ski racing it was the logical next step because, honestly, who would know better about building awesome skis than the best skier of our time? Now he can finally pass on all his experience and expertise and do things the VAN DEER way, not just on the racecourse, but also in his new favorite playgrounds: backcountry and big mountain.

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You can be the best skier in the world, but if you don’t have the best material, you’re never going to win,” Marcel Hirscher once said. We want you to win. We want you to go as fast as you can. And we want you to be able to push your limits and break new ground on the racecourse. Fueled by 67 World Cup victories, 12 small crystal globes, 8 overall World Cup wins, 7 World Champs and 2 Olympic gold medals, Marcel Hirscher has developed a range of FIS compliant race skis that could be game changers in your career. Built with his unparalleled experience, know-how, skills and tireless strive for perfection, our VAN DEER World Cup skis are handcrafted and tuned with the same Race Room finish that used to get Marcel Hirscher to the top of the podium. So even if you don’t qualify for Sölden or Schladming any time soon, you will experience World Cup performance every time you take your VAN DEERs to the racecourse.


When Marcel Hirscher takes it easy on a groomer day, he takes his VAN DEER Pro skis out. But hey, don’t be fooled by Marcel’s definition of “easy” – these are full-on high-performance skis made for charging on-piste or ripping around the gates. They are just a bit easier to handle and, as Marcel says, even more fun to ski than our original range of FIS skis. In terms of construction and materials they are complete replicas of our GS World Cup skis, built with the exact same state-of the-art technology and attention to detail. However, as they are not restricted by FIS rules, we’ve given them a wider geometry, with slightly more width underfoot, on tip and tail as well as a bit more sidecut. What that means for you? A tighter turn radius and better skiability. Whether you’re an accomplished athlete like Marcel or a committed skier in search of that perfect hardpack line, these are your go-to skis for carving up the frontside all day long.


Nobody is born a World Cup winner. Not even a living legend like Marcel Hirscher, who has won everything there is to win in alpine ski racing, including a record 8 consecutive World Cup titles, 67 World Cup races, 20 crystal trophies, and 14 medals at major events. When you are a young, aspiring ski racer you will find that it takes a lot of hard work, commitment, luck, sweat, and sometimes tears to make it to the top. It also requires a great deal of support from your coaches, family, and friends. And: some kick-ass equipment. That’s where VAN DEER comes in. We want to give you a unique competitive advantage, so we build our Junior Race skis in the same way as our “grown-up” World Cup skis, with the exact same world-class materials and Race Room finish. With us, you don’t get B-grades just because you haven’t reached the age limit and need a shorter ski length. Of course, our SL-JR and GS-JR skis meet all FIS regulations, and they have been developed and approved by Marcel Hirscher.


Marcel Hirscher is known as one of the most successful ski racers ever. But he’s also regarded as ‘the greatest alpine skier of our time’ and rightly so because limiting his skiing to gates and racecourses simply wouldn’t do him justice. He’s an incredibly complete skier, ripping it on the hardest of hardpack as well as in the deepest of powder, and anything in between. Lately, he has been doing a lot of big mountain skiing, including his much acclaimed ‘lap of honor’ at the 2021 Freeride World Tour in Fieberbrunn. While in the white room, his brain is constantly buzzing, so it comes as no surprise that Marcel has created his own line of VAN DEER freeride skis. Designed to forge through whatever the mountain throws at you, these skis are your ticket to ride on deep storm days or whenever you feel like exploring far-out zones. They come in different widths and are versatile enough to handle anything from pillows stacked with fresh powder, to crud and groomers, so you can have a sick day, no matter the terrain or conditions.


While Marcel Hirscher has retired from World Cup racing, he certainly has not retired from skiing. His enthusiasm for the white stuff is still the same, but his approach is much more relaxed these days. He now spends most winter days exploring the backcountry, and ski touring in the mountains close to his home is especially high on his agenda. It’s the ideal place to stock up on magic moments and to get inspired for some new touring skis – what else would you expect from a tinkerer like Marcel? Following countless hours of skinning up and laying down beautiful lines on the way down, we’re stoked about what Marcel has come up with: a super light, super versatile VAN DEER touring ski powered with Carbon fiber that will find adventure in any terrain and snow – up and down. So whatever your mission may be in the backcountry, we’ve got you covered.