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On trail or off grid. The versatile and durable outdoor collection offers you everything you need from top to bottom for your spring adventures in unpredictable weather and terrain conditions. Lightweight and protective shell jackets, packable liners and breathable base layers Explore nature with confidence.

Peak Performance
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The Peak Performance Helium Utility Down Hood Jacket combines warmth and style, perfect for cold weather conditions. Its lightweight down filling and sleek design make it both functional and fashionable for mountain adventures.


How, by manufacturing clothing that lasts longer, can we contribute to more people buying less clothing less frequently? This question essentially defines the challenge facing Peak Performance on its path towards total sustainability. The company not only wants to reduce

its environmental impact, develop circular products and generate a completely transparent value chain, but also convince its consumers of the merits of a sustainable lifestyle. So as to come one step closer to a healthy world in which we can experience adventures without regret.

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