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For Anything Fun Outdoors

The new outdoor collection is the perfect companion for any of your adventures. Peak Performance has the equipment that withstands everything that Mother Nature has in store for you. So do the latest products with reliable and durable protection from the elements. Inspired by the mountains, the products are designed for extreme, changeable weather as well as physically demanding activities. Cut, details and material mix allow for optimal outdoor performance. Every detail is well thought out and designed for function.

Casual Collection - Inspired by Peak Performance's Origin

The new casual collection offers you an assortment that, true to the brand's philosophy, adapts to an explorative as well as active lifestyle. Designed for adventures in the mountains, for the city and for the beautiful moments in between, the collection brings comfort as well as sophistication with a thoroughly Scandinavian design approach.

Authenticity continues to play a central role this year, and so in 2022 many designs are reinterpretations of classics. The aim is to continue to inspire customers to consume less and more qualitatively. For Peak Performance, it is more important than ever to offer durable products.


How can we, by manufacturing clothing that lasts longer, contribute to more people buying less clothing less frequently? This question basically defines the challenge towards greater sustainability which Peak Performance has accepted. Not only does the company wish to reduce its environmental impact, develop circular products and generate a completely transparent supply chain, it also intends to convince its consumers of the need for a sustainable lifestyle. In order to come one step closer to a healthy world in which we can experience adventures without regret.

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