Eine Person gekleidet in einer gelben Peak Performance Jacke flüchtet auf einen Baum vor einem Bären.


Peak Performance constantly challenges itself to make products more long-lasting and more sustainable.
The highlight of this season, ARGON:
A prize-winning, extremely lightweight jacket for sweat-inducing activities in the icy cold: The technological masterpiece Argon has been manufactured exclusively from recycled materials, is very breathable and efficiently wicks moisture away. Responsible for this is eco-friendly Thermore® padding. In contrast to down, this synthetic insulation performs at its best even when wet. Furthermore, a unique new filling technique blows the insulation into woven channels that dispense with the need for stitching and make the material windproof.


3 Personen in schwarzen Jacken gekleidet von Peak Performance


As a proud skiwear sponsor for the world freeride elite and partner of the Freeride World Tour, Peak Performance didn’t only develop products for athletes, it developed products with them.
That includes the high-performance icon ‘Vertical’. This freeride combination is absolutely waterproof, breathable and comfortable. Its soft, lightweight, highly breathable Gore-Tex® C-Knit™ material lends itself to strenuous climbs while providing protection in the back country from snow and icy winds.
A genuine masterpiece for freeskiers.


Ein Freerider mit seinem Freeride Ski in der Hand und einer roten Jacke von Peak Performance