E-City Bike

For day trips with assistance
Herader Bike

Miraculous mobility for medium-length distances

If you want to explore the region on holiday but would like to travel in an environmentally-friendly way, our e-city bikes are the perfect choice for you. They ensure that you have adequate assistance on any cycling trip and are the ideal ride for road trips.

You can cycle along flexibly and fast, and as they are equipped with roadworthy lights, you can relax if a trip takes longer than expected. Thanks to the integrated luggage rack, taking provisions or equipment along with you is also no problem.

Please note: E-city bikes are only available at selected Bründl Sports shops.

Support on the road
For longer day trips
Extensive equipment
Endurance is no longer a limit

These shops offer e-city bikes

State-of-the-art features

An e-city bike is the motorised counterpart of a classic trekking bike and the ideal choice for a leisurely excursion on which you can also relax.

Besides the built-in motor with a high performance battery for medium distances, an e-city bike primarily offers the following benefits :

  • Thinner wheels run smoother on tarmac
  • Lights & luggage rack for comfort
  • Comfortably padded saddle

Our city bike models can be ridden on dedicated cycle paths as they are equipped with a slightly smaller motor than mountain bikes, for example. This also reduces the assisted top speed.

However, on flat terrain, this assistance is already enough to make a noticeable difference in speed & the effort required. Even with a low assistance level, pedalling lightly will already result inconsiderably acceleration.

Detail picture of an e-city bike

Perfect for discovery trips

With an e-city bike, you can simply let yourself drift: the built-in motor will do some of the work for you.

The preferred terrains for e-city bikes consist mainly of:

  • Long, drawn-out country roads
  • Paved routes
  • Classic dedicated cycle paths

The motorisation also makes it easier to cope with longer distances. The assistance level can be regulated as required. This allows you to rely on the boost provided by the motor and simply glory in the beautiful landscape and nature.

However, for countryside and cross-country excursions, an e-mountain bike may be a better choice, as it is equipped with better suspension and tyres with a deeper tread.

Beautiful cycling tour with an e-city bike

With assistance or by your own pedal power?

Regardless, these bikes are an excellent choice