The Bründl Sports protection categories

Optimum protection against loss of control & falls

Padding for vulnerable spots

Certain parts of the body are particularly at risk in the event of a fall. You can therefore be on the safe side with various protective gear if you do happen to crash or veer off the track.

Due to our natural reflexes, we tend to always catch ourselves with the same part of our body when we fall in order to absorb the force and the impact. We offer a wide range of protection for these situations.

  • Knees: on the one hand, durable knee protectors with a hard but flexible coating on the front absorb some of the impact and on the other, they protect the skin from sustaining grazes.
  • Elbows: elbow protectors work in the same way as knee protectors. As the tube is elasticated, the protectors fit your arms snugly and provide additional stability.
  • Jacket: a protective jacket perfectly protects your entire upper torso. The integrated padding covers the arms as well as particularly vulnerable areas such as the ribs.

If you want to make absolutely sure that you are protected in the best-possible way on your next downhill run, we also offer a complete set of protective gear. It will help you to minimise the risk of injuring yourself.

Downhiller in action

Action without risk of injury

Action, tricks, speed, air time - all of these aspects are important to the downhill community. However, protection must not be forgotten.

No other bike category harbours as high a risk of injury as downhill biking. Due to the combination of speed and challenging trails, the risk of skidding is ever-present.

In order to be as well-protected as possible in these situations, rental protectors are a good idea for preventing more serious injuries. A full face helmet protects your head, and protective gear the remaining parts of the body that are most at risk.

Of course, protectors can also generally be used for cross-country mountain biking or enduro bike tours. However, they are mainly used in the downhill sector and at bike parks.

Downhiller drives down a very steep mountain