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Easy handling thanks to innovation

Soft boots save you time when lacing and are faster on the slopes

The snowboard boots, similar to the boards and bindings themselves, come from Burton. This means you get all your gear from a single source and benefit from the reliable quality and expertise of the equipment in it's set-up. The product range contains only soft boots.

The snowboard boots adjust perfectly to your foot thanks to their soft material, provide better support when turning and ensure a comfortable fit, even during a long day on the slopes. When it comes to snowboard boots, there are also many different options in terms of size and flex.

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Examples of models in this category
Model 1
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Boa® System – revolutionary fastener

The Boa® system is currently the most innovative and easy fastening method used in snowboard boots.

  • Easy adjustment thanks to the rotary wheel on the tongue
  • Comfortable and easy handling with little effort
  • Reduced lacing time
  • Possibility of fine tuning

Lacing conventional boots can often be a challenge – especially when wearing gloves or even mittens. These problems are now a thing of the past thanks to the Boa® system.

This allows you to decide for yourself which degree of stability or flexibility best suits you on the slopes.

Proper use of the lift with a snowboard

Taking the lift with a snowboard can be challenging at first, especially for beginners. We've put together some helpful tips for you:

  • When taking the lift, one leg must be released from the binding. The back foot remains in the binding, while the front leg is used for pushing.
  • To ensure optimum movement on the way to the lift, it is important that the binding is easy to open, but still ensures safety while travelling.
  • When getting off the lift, it is recommended that you push off the lift and, when sliding out, place your back leg onto the board. Despite the loose binding, you can steer perfectly this way.
  • After you have reconnected the bindings with both boots, nothing will stand in the way of your next descent.

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