Snowshoes – everything you need to know

At Bründl Sports, you will find snowshoes in a wide range of different sizes from size 35 for women and size 41 for men.

The decisive factor for the size of your snowshoes is your individual body weight. This ensures that you don't sink into the snow on your hike. The actual shoe size is not all that relevant, in this respect. After all, snowshoes are equipped with bindings so they can be adjusted to fit your shoe size.

Snowshoe construction:

  • Spikes: spikes attached to the base ensure a firm and safe grip even on steep and icy terrain and minimise the risk of sliding.
  • Bindings: the binding is similar to a snowboard soft binding - Boa system at the front, locking strap at the back. You can therefore make your way through the winter landscape with your usual movements.
  • Poles: poles are must-haves to prevent you from losing your balance when snowshoe hiking!
A group of people snowboot-hiking

How do I choose the route that's right for me?

Snowshoes are particularly suitable for hikes and excursions on snow-covered trails and mountainsides.

It is a good idea to start your first trip on flat terrain with a gentle incline. If you are already experienced in walking with snowshoes and know how to handle steeper terrain, you can also attempt alpine trails and more difficult trips. Here a few tips for choosing a suitable hiking trail:

  • Safety is paramount: inform yourself about the current avalanche risk before setting off.
  • Don't underestimate how much effort this sport calls for, even if it looks effortless.
Snowboot hike und a sunny winterday.